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Sight words are the most frequently used words in children's literature, and this DVD helps students read them automatically. As a supplement to phonics-based strategies, Rock 'N Learn Sight Words boosts reading and spelling skills. Children learn over 60 sight words through engaging characters, entertaining songs, and fun practice. Words are presented in context to help build reading comprehension. Includes all pre-primer Dolch words, the top 20 from Fry's, and more. A bonus section allows learners to practice the words in isolation, focusing on word shapes as well as spelling each word.

Pre-k & up. Approx. 50 minutes

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  • After receiving many requests for a sight words DVD, Rock 'N Learn created a highly entertaining DVD to help learn beginning sight words. Featuring exciting animation, Rock 'N Learn Sight Words holds the attention of young learners through humorous dialogue, catchy songs, and solid instruction.

    To develop Sight Words, we worked with reading specialists—actual classroom teachers with combined teaching of over 50 years. These teachers are well trained and highly experienced to know what actually works when helping kids learn to read.

    Often we hear the recommendation from educators that sight words need to be taught not only in isolation but also within a meaningful context to develop understanding and reading comprehension. This becomes even more important for children who are learning a new language or are experiencing frustration. With this program for example, when children learn "up" and "down," these words are taught in the context of seeing objects or characters moving up and down.

    Another example of contextual learning from Sight Words DVD occurs in the section "Look, See, Find." Children practice a simple but fun dance that helps them associate actions with these words. In our focus groups, children loved performing these movements and singing right along with the Sight Words DVD.

    To get the most from this program, we recommend that your child watch the DVD again and again. A fun, entertaining video like Rock 'N Learn Sight Words will likely become one of your child's favorites. Kids love joining in with the engaging characters and singing these songs, reading the words, and participating. Soon, your child will be reading more than 60 beginning sight words quickly and automatically.

    With our Sight Words DVD, children also get practice reading words in simple sentences and stories. This helps learners make a solid connection between the sight words and their meaning. Rock 'N Learn Sight Words DVD is designed to be effective at home or in the classroom, with individuals or groups. A supporting website offers free, supplemental activities.

    On the DVD, one bonus section helps students focus on the shape of each word and practice spelling it. Another bonus section provides kids with insight into the pronunciation of "t-h-e," something that even a lot of the adults on our development team found fascinating.

    We're confident you will not find a better DVD to help your child or class learn sight words. It's perfect for learners of all ages, both young beginners and older kids with remedial or special needs. As with all of our products, we offer a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Sight Words Covered:

    • up • down • come • go • in • out
    • of • the • a
    • where • is • it • here • there
    • one • two • three • red • yellow • blue • little • big
    • look • see • find
    • run • jump • play • away • and
    • you • I • we • can • make • funny • face • get
    • to • for • me • my • give • from • came • as • are
    • no • not • now • said • help • will
    • he • she • his • her • they • that • was • with • on

    Bonus Sections:

    • Word Shapes
    • Pronouncing t-h-e
  • Review 1 of 10

    Rock 'N Learn presents Sight Words, a DVD designed to help teach young children the most frequently used words in the English language, ones that educational experts want them to automatically recognize on sight. It's a fun and comfortably-paced program that presents small groups of words through computer animation, songs, and graphics. Animated characters ranging from humans to animals to robots suggest that it's easier to remember certain concepts when they're set to music. They sing original songs with lyrics built around 60 common sight words. Accompanying animation illustrates the context in which the sight word are used. For example, we see characters "come" and "go," we see objects "in" and "out," etc. The sight words also appear at the bottom of the screen, in order to further aid in reading and spelling skills. It all comes together to teach a comprehensive lesson about sight words that kids really are likely to absorb with repeated viewings. In addition to the main 50-minute program, this DVD's Bonus Section includes a feature that focuses on the shape of sight words and another segment explaining the rules of pronouncing t-h-e. Jacket copy also directs viewers to a website offering free printable resources. Thanks to its lively musical format, Rock 'N Learn Sight Words can be a useful addition to your classroom or home-school curriculum. – Parents' Choice

    Review 2 of 10

    If you have a pre-kindergarten, or early elementary aged child, I cannot recommend Sight Words, from Rock N Learn more. It is awesome. With bright words, lots of music, and hours of entertainment. I love that you can break up the dvd into sections to learn one sight word at a time, or watch the whole thing right through. So far, we have only watched it right through but it has kept the attention of both my children. Though my younger child is only three, she also did enjoy Sight Words and it does give her a little head start in her learning. Mostly, right now she just dances to the music. I know this is one DVD that will be used around our home, and with my home daycare for a long time to come. Thank you, Rock N Learn, for another great product. — Shirley

    Review 3 of 10

    Sight Words is geared specifically towards Pre K aged children however it's been a great review for my daughter who just graduated from Kindergarten and a fun edition to our collection for my 3 year old. So while my kids are a little bit in-between the geared ages for this title they still love it! Their favorite part of these DVDs are the upbeat songs. They love to get up and dance to them and if I can sneak education into the time they spend watching TV then that's even better to me! I was excited to learn that in the development of Sight Words, Rock 'n Learn actually worked with reading specialists and actual classroom teachers with combined experience of over 50 years. — Beth W.

    Review 4 of 10

    The sight words being featured are highlighted on the screen as they are sung, making it easier for kids to follow along. It includes little sentences that are easy for kids to practice reading, as well as understand the meaning of the words they are reading. "Up" for instance in the video shows the little alien going up the stairs in the song, and then shows him going "down" the stairs. Included on the Sight Words DVD is a couple of bonus sections that you can access from the main menu - one talking about word shapes, and another one about pronouncing "the," which can be a real trip-up for kids. Sight Words is another great title that I am so pleased to add to our homeschooling arsenal. I suggest following this DVD with the Phonics set, because they accompany each other really well. The DVD includes all the pre-primer Dolch words, as well as the top 20 from Fry's, and others, so kids are learning the words they are supposed to be at this level/age range. Now my daughter is still a little too young to be reading books on her own, but I know that she's soaking up the information she's learning from this DVD and other titles from the Rock 'N Learn series, and she just loves the songs. We read a lot of books together, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she's going to be reading on her own as much as I was. So far, so good. — Storm R.

    Review 5 of 10

    It's official! My family is in L-O-V-E with Rock 'N Learn! These amazing DVDs and CDs are excellent learning tools and truly engaging to young children. =) Sight Words helps children learn to read by giving them the ability to recognize sight words (the most common words that, after practicing them over and over, you automatically know) like up, down, look, see, and find. Through music and repetition, the folks at Rock 'N Learn have instilled a lot of reading basics into Little Man and he's only just begun! I really like how it opens the door for parents to elaborate on sight words and get little ones reading. Little Man has been finding sight words everywhere and watches the movie daily! — Gabby

    Review 6 of 10

    Jasmine is starting to recognize the Rock 'N Learn logo. I love it! each time I receive a new title in the mail, I show my daughter and she gets so excited she demands to watch it right away. It is very important to build a good foundation at home and I know letting my daughter watch Sight Words will give her that little extra something special she needs right before starting pre-K this fall. Any of Rock 'N Learn's DVDs would be great for giving your child a head start or keeping their little mind fresh during summer break. I talk with a lot of homeschooling moms who absolutely love these DVDs and use them often. — November Girl

    Review 7 of 10

    My daughter is a great reader and she has been singing and learning along with Rock 'N Learn Sight Words, but my four year old son LOVES this video, as does my two year old. They are learning the words and singing right along with the DVD. I love that the words are taught in context for better comprehension! As a teacher (now stay at home mom), this is highly recommended as your child nears school age! Even if your child is still learning, this is great reinforcement! — Ann

    Review 8 of 10

    I think my boys are becoming Rock N Learn junkies....and that's NOT a bad thing. Jeremy enjoys watching his Sight Words video and Dylan is sometimes found watching alongside him. I found the songs catchy and the pace quick enough to keep the kids' attention. As Jeremy is not quite 2, I don't expect him to be reading real soon. But, making associations at an early age is fine by me (and there are plenty of people selling products to teach babies and toddlers to read for far more than this title.) The fact that other family members do not mind his viewing of it is a bonus. I'd definitely recommend this title for anyone with a preschool or early elementary student who is learning to read. — Laura

    Review 9 of 10

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this DVD. My toddler will tell you that she loves it just as much. This isn't suggested for two-year-olds, but she loves it and I know she is learning. We own other DVDs that teach your baby to read, and this reminds me a lot of those videos, EXCEPT this one is a lot more colorful and exciting. This is the "fun" or lets say "rock" version of those DVDs. The premise of the video is that your children will learn what are called "sight words" or words that they will see a lot while reading. The words show up on the screen with the illustration of what they mean while they are being said. They are then usually put into some fun song. My daughter likes to move along with the DVD and do what the characters are doing. She even talks with the DVD, so I can tell she is learning. Her little brain is growing and changing so fast that I think this is perfect for her age. – Sara @ Mommy Headquarters

    Review 10 of 10

    I really liked this DVD and I know my kids did too. As always, they wanted to watch it again right after it was over the first time. I let them watch it a second time and guess what?! They wanted to watch it again! By the second time around, my oldest daughter, Audrey, already knew some of the things (or words) that were coming next. It's really great when they can learn that from just watching one time. I feel so happy when my girls learn something new. It lets me know how much they are growing up. Having DVD's like this make me want to get a TV and DVD player in their room so they can watch these anytime they want. These are the type of things I wouldn't mind them watching a lot. If they are learning (for the good), I am okay with it. My personal favorite was when they were focusing on the words, "look", "see" and "find". This DVD will help children learn frequently used words and it acts as a supplement to phonics-based strategies.

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Identify real-life connections between words and their use (e.g., note places at school that are colorful).


Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to texts.


Read common high-frequency words by sight (e.g., the, of, to, you, she, my, is, are, do, does).

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